Hiring Pre Purchase Building Inspectors – Some Common Questions Asked

You may be putting in your earnings of a lifetime or taking up a loan to be paid back for a lifetime while buying a property. So, it is important to ensure that you get what is fully worth your spending, and it is no so easy when it comes to property deals. Real estate market in Australia has many fraudulent players too, falling pray to which will end up in big trouble.

An ideal support you can get in this regard is of pre purchase building inspectors who can clearly tell you whether the purchase is worth your expense and how to go about it wisely. So, hiring a good inspector is the first best move to make while thinking of a property purchase. However, you should be knowledge about how to do this well. Here we will present a small FAQ discussing about some common questions people have in mind while considering pre purchase building inspections.

What exactly is pre purchase inspection?

Pre purchase inspection is a scientific, non-destructive investigation of the building structures. Such inspections consist of inspection of the basement, roof, walls, doors, windows, electrical and plumbing infrastructure etc. An expert inspector can check for any defects, deterioration to the structure, need for maintenance, construction deficiencies, and other major trouble areas.

What is the qualification of a building inspector?

There is no such academic program to specialise in building inspection. However, qualified inspectors will be well experienced in any construction-related fields. They may also have accreditation of some of the local bodies or building regulatory authorities.

What are the steps involved in building inspection?

The primary steps involved in building inspection are.

Step 1: Signing a contract with the potential seller as to conducting a building inspection to confirm the worthiness of the agreement amount and purchase.

Step 2: Search for a reliable building inspection service or individual building inspectors to take up the inspection project.

Step 3: Execution of the inspection by scheduling it properly well ahead in time and after making necessary arrangements for it.

Step 4: Once the inspection is over, you will bet getting the detailed report within a couple of days to a week’s time period. You can also clarify doubts if any while getting the report.

Always ensure that you hire the service of an unbiased building inspector. It is not ideal to rely on the building inspectors referred by the realtors or other third party.

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